Vector WiFi Webcam

Use your Mobile Device as a Webcam & Microphone for your PC.

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Vector Wifi Webcam is a mobile app that turns your phone or tablet into a webcam and microphone for your PC, connected through WiFi or USB. If you don't have a dedicated webcam or want to re-purpose an old or unused device for online meetings or streaming, this solution is less expensive and may provide a better audio visual experience.

The app is free on the Apple App Store with the LITE edition limited to 640x480 camera resolution. The PREMIUM edition features USB connection support, microphone audio, portrait mode, higher resolutions up to 1080p 60fps, and quality bitrate of 8Mbps.

Vector Webcam is 100% Ad-Free. It supports multiple connections, with ability to instantly switch between device feeds. Installation is simple and quick - just follow 3 easy steps below!


Install the App from your device App Store (Android available in future release). Search for Vector Webcam.
Lite: Premium:


Download the Windows 10 Tether Application and run the setup from Download link above. This software runs in the Windows System Tray providing the communications to your device.


Launch the Mobile App and press Connect. Use your application such as Zoom or Skype, selecting Vector Wifi Webcam and Vector Wifi Microphone for input audio video.
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